5 Steps to a High-Class Guest Bathroom

Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant, hotel, or bar and ended up remembering the luxurious bathroom more than the venue itself? Giving your guests a deluxe experience during their few moments of quiet at your annual holiday party or while they are visiting you for the weekend will be something they will appreciate immensely.

Here are the five steps to creating a high-class guest bathroom:5-steps-to-a-high-class-guest-bathroom-infographic

  1. Design a toiletries station – We’ve all been there…you slip into the restroom at a party and wish you were at your own home so you could quickly brush your teeth. Why not provide a version of that for your guests? Depending on the size of your bathroom, add a tray, bowl, or even a pretty mug with items such as mints, toothpicks, and other toiletry items.
  2. Provide lots of hand towels – One of the most extravagant touches in fancy bathrooms are individual cloth towels for each guest. You don’t need to go to that extreme, but don’t let the same damp towel that guests were using at 8 pm still hang there at midnight. Display several plush hand towels on the towel rack and fold a few more on the counter, and make sure to check on them during the party to discard any that are done for the night.
  3. Find a memorable hand soap – A lavish treat that won’t cost you a bundle is finding an lovely hand soap. Check out boutiques or look online for something that smells great, leaves hands soft, and that comes in a great dispenser. Your guests will love it.
  4. Display meaningful photographs – Guests will be using the bathroom for various amounts of time (ahem), so give them something great to look at! Whether it is photos of your family vacations or interesting framed newspaper articles, your guests will remember the personal touch.
  5. And most importantly, add a lovely scent – You absolutely want your guest bathroom to have a beautiful fragrance. Your final layer of luxury is to add a gorgeous and fragrant reed diffuser to keep your bathroom smelling great all night. A perfect choice is lavender, with its light floral notes and its clean, fresh undertones.

Let Oojra’s essential oil reed diffusers and essential oil soy wax candles help turn your bathroom into a high-class guest experience. Shop our collection here.


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CJ combined her love of travel and fragrances to create Oojra. Oojra brings the beautiful scents she found around the world to the homes and offices of Oojra fans.

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  1. Sharon Reams June 11, 2017 at 9:29 am - Reply

    These ideas are great but I am not the person who is going to do this stuff. But I must share it to my hubby who used to clean the guest bathroom always. I have so much allergy to clean my guest bathroom but I am so much frequent to clean my master bathroom.

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