Guys Don’t Make these 3 Common Mistakes

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So you've been dating a gorgeous woman for a while, and now you want to invite her back to your place. You are looking to impress her, you're eager to have some quality time together at your home. This is a wonderful thing, and certainly signifies that this match is going somewhere, so you want [...]

The Most Important Sense in Planning Your Wedding

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Your wedding is going to be amazing. You have chosen to unite with your soulmate through a ceremony of love, committing to each other forever, surrounded by people you treasure. You have a truly exciting, happy, memorable time ahead of you. In the time before this special day, you have a lot of wonderful [...]

Oojra Celebrates Unexpected Reed Diffuser Sales by Offering Customers an Amazing Discount

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Oojra, a premium home fragrance lifestyle brand, was very thankful this Thanksgiving when customer demand soared and they unexpectedly sold out of all of their Thai Jasmine Bamboo Essential Oil Reed Diffusers. To celebrate and say thank you for their loyal customer base, they are offering new and returning customers alike a great opportunity to [...]

Finding Perfection in White Tea and Waterfalls

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The lush greenery of the rolling landscape filled the air with a fresh clean scent that cascades over me as I ride my motorcycle along paved road in Laos. A few days earlier I had no idea that I would be experiencing some of the best waterfalls in the world and drinking some of the [...]

Glorious Garden Memories of Grandma’s House

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Contributed by Cathy My passion for fragrance comes from when I was a little girl, my grandmother would make me take a nap.  We didn't have air conditioning so the windows were open.  My bed was next to the window that had her garden below it.  As I would lay there, with every breeze that came [...]

Lavender Sunset in Provence France

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Neatly stacked rows of purple semicircles fill the horizon. The air is saturated with the minty floral fragrance of lavender. We walk hand in hand down the road gazing out at the beautiful lavender fields surrounding us as we take in the experience from all of our senses. The breeze lightly touches our skin [...]

Ireland’s Mossy Coastal Infusions

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Contributed by Amy Kauffman As I stepped out the door it is another fresh crisp morning in Ireland. The mist from the sea breeze hits my face and the air is thick. It fills my lungs to an intense level of fullness. It’s an unusual sensation I have never felt before; this thick heavy wet [...]

New Orleans Under a Misty Grey Sky

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Contributed by Tara Howisey I arrived in New Orleans under a misty-grey sky. The essence of salt water from the nearby gulf twisted around the deep, slow, methodical dank river smell of Big Muddy (the Mississippi). The scent of water was everywhere - an old water smell. The kind that seeped out of a French [...]

Relaxation and Romance at a Thai Spa

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It had been a whirlwind six weeks in Thailand full of adventure. There were plenty of new sounds and sights as we travelled across several Thai islands and through a few beach towns. Each place held its own unique beauty. But I was ready for a little rest and relaxation after all the exploring.  As [...]