The Oojra ‘Good Karma’ Gift Guide For: The Yogi In Your Life

Whether it’s Kundalini, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, or any of the other many types of yoga, the popular practise is exploding with popularity right now across the world. Approximately 36.7 million people yoga in the US alone (Source). That’s millions of people happily down dogging and cat cowing their way to a toned body and a happy mind. The benefits have always been the same: lengthening and toning the muscles, improving blood flow, providing an easy access to meditative practices (to name just a few) – only now, with a whirlwind of a health craze that isn’t stopping anytime soon, more and more people are recognizing those benefits and embracing the yogi way of life.

If you know a yogi and you want to buy them the perfect gift for their birthday, for Christmas, or just for good karma, we have a gorgeous, refined selection of gifts relating to sound, touch, sight and taste for you to consider. Many also have a bit of an exotic travel inspiration or flare that will work great if your yogi friend happens to love travel too. We’re sure you’re going to feel inspired.


Noelani Hawaii – Lakshmi Lullaby

No vinyasa is complete without some relaxing sounds in the Lakshmi Lullabies Ukelele music - Yogi Gift Guide - www.Oojra.combackground to soothe the mind and give focus for breathing. Mindfulness is all well and good, but someone cooking enthusiastically next door, rush hour beeping and whirring past the window, next doors cats screamily having a scrap – these aren’t the easiest sounds to ‘be at one with’.

Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul. - Plato quote - Sometimes we need a little aural pleasure to help us get there, and Noelani Hawaii has a gorgeous solution. Multi-tasker Noelani has taken her experience as a conscious company owner, teaching yoga and selling jewelry, as well as her personal experience living and breathing Hawaii in, surfing its seas, and walking its bountiful lush greenery, and created music to feed the soul.

Her ukulele mantra album; Lakshmi Lullaby is set to bring many a yogi the perfect soundtrack to their practice. Gentle and rich vocals dance atop a delicate strum of ukulele, the perfect score for bridge pose, savasana and more. If you would love to treat the yogi in your life to this beautiful music, you can find Lakshmi Lullabies here where it is available for pre-order.

Monkey Mind Band - Yogi Gift Guide - www.Oojra.comTouch

Monkey Mind Band – Arjuna.Ag

The things we can lay our hands on become so much more relevant in yoga because we consistently need to check in with ourselves to be aware of every single part of our body. Is the jaw soft, are the hips in line with the ankles, are the fingers spread and actively pushing away from the mat.

With touch in mind, we felt the Monkey Mind Band was a wonderful suggestion as a gift for your yogi friend. Created by Mikaela Bradbury, founder of Arjuna.Ag If seeing is believing, what happened to taste, touch, sound, and smell? - 5 senses quotes - www.Oojra.comProtective Apparel, the band is made with 18% pure silver ions to sooth and cool and provide instant relief in a multitude of scenarios, from stressful travels and bedtime, to savasana and meditation, any time you need a helping hand letting go of the day’s stresses and strains.

The band was named Monkey Mind as Mikaela always wanted to create a product to aid stillness in a pretty noisy world. Monkey Mind is a term for a mind that is hyperactive and ‘jumping around’ like a monkey would, if it were in your mind. I’m sure most people can relate to a Monkey Mind, I know here at Oojra we can often feel like we have a whole troop of monkeys going bananas in our heads at times.

If you think the yogi in your life would appreciate a tool to help calm the mind and block out the noise pollution of today’s world, Monkey Mind Band is a great choice and can be found in the Arjuna Ag shop. You can also find lots of fun updates and information on Arjuna.Ag Instagram and Facebook.


For my part, I know nothing with certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream. - Vincent Van Gogh quote - Yoga Mat Bags Yogalo

In Yoga, what we can see shouldn’t matter that greatly during practice because the focus of the eyes should be soft, and most often we use sight to help with balance only. Otherwise, it does not matter where you are or what is going on around you if your focus is strong.

Yogalo Yoga Mat Bags - Yogi gift guide - www.Oojra.comHowever, that isn’t to say us yogis don’t enjoy a little fun and playfulness in our practice, especially in the kit we use. There’s a reason so many yogis can be found to have galaxy patterned leggings and brightly colored yoga vests, we’re all dreamers really, given the thinking space to be so because of our yoga practice.

A wonderful gift for any yogi, is a snazzy yoga mat bag. The mat can be tucked under your arm but, it’s easier to carry it in a bag, and is especially more enjoyable if you use Yogalo Yoga Mat Bags, Bolivian inspired yoga bags designed and crafted by a family business based in Bolivia. The bags are beautiful to look at, and are consciously sound, creating social impact and supporting fair trade practices. Your yogi will love receiving such a beautiful, unique, ethically sound gift. You can check out this and other great Yogalo products on their website.


Oojra Essential Oil Reed Diffuser - www.Oojra.comThai Jasmine Bamboo Essential Oil Reed Diffuser – Oojra

Scent is something that is commonly neutral in a yoga studio, because overpowering scents can disrupt the flow of movement and tranquility. However, the right scent can bring a lot to a yoga session, enhancing the emotions we might feel during a session. Smell is incredibly important and sensual; it communicates who you are. - Sean Combs quote - www.Oojra.comCertain essential oils can be stimulating, energizing, relaxing, invigorating, so it is no surprise many yogis do love to enhance their praise with their favorite scents.

A great way to project a continual scent into your yoga space, is with our Oojra Jasmine Bamboo fragrance. It’s a great gift to give to a yogi because it looks attractive, but isn’t visually disruptive. It also requires no maintenance; the space is simply filled with aromatic scent for months. The benefits of this particular combination for a yogi is the sweet uplifting and healing scent of Jasmine, combined with the woody and fresh scent of bamboo, providing a wonderful basis for relaxation and mindfulness, particularly the bamboo notes which help ground the senses back to nature. You can buy this unique gift right here in our shop.

Herbata Tea subscription - Yogi Gift Guide - www.Oojra.comTaste

Herbata Tea Subscriptions

Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things. - Chaim Potok tea quote - www.Oojra.comHerbata offers a monthly subscription to a tea experience. They combine teas with great content that speaks to the notes, history and nature of the teas (similar to a wine tasting but for teas).  With Herbata your yoga loving friend can find the perfect tea to suit their type of practice. Sure, we don’t drink hot tea during practice (not advisable, you will burn more than your karma) but, certain herbal teas are wonderful to drink before and after a session. For energizing opt for; Ginseng, Ginkgo, Peppermint, Green Tea or Nettle, for relaxation opt for; Chamomile, Lavender, St John’s Wort, Lemon Balm, Kava Kava or Valerian. It’s a very cost-effective, and thoughtful gift for the yogi in your life, perhaps you could even join them for a cup sometime. You can find Herbata on their website, Instagram, or Facebook.

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired, thoughtful and even excited after reading our gift guide for the yogi in your life. We’re sure whatever you give to your yogi friend, they’ll love, because it’s from you and giving is a gift in itself.

Namaste X



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