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The spa is a sanctuary, isn’t it? So much so we can spend hundreds to spend time atIt's nice finding that place where you can just go and relax. - Moises Arias quote - them; soaking, exfoliating, rejuvenating and relaxing. With this in mind, it really is no surprise many people put a lot of effort into recreating the essential spa experience at home. From expensive Jacuzzi baths to walk in shower steam rooms, there’s a lot you can buy to transform your bathroom into a luxury spa experience so you can rejuvenate at home.

Of course, if you’re looking to gift the spa lover in your life with something to aid their spa recreation at home, you probably aren’t looking to buy them a hot tub, and if you are, wanna be friends?

There are plenty of great little gifts you can provide to enhance your friends at-home spa experience. We’ve collated a great gift guide refined to sound, taste, smell, touch and sight with some exotic global inspiration infused into the ideas. Spa lover? Travel Lover? We have this combination covered for you here. We’re sure by the end you’ll at the least start making designs for your own at-home spa, and at the most, you’ll have some great gift inspiration for your spa-loving travel-loving friend.


My Traveling Piano – Follow The Sun – Joe Lohrmann

A spa can be relaxing all on its own, with the sound of running water, or even silence if you’re lucky enough to get it. One guaranteed way to get some wonderful aural relaxation into your spa space is with inspirational musician Joe Lorhmann who uses real life scenery and natural settings to inspire his wonderful music, used in spas across the world.

My Traveling Piano - Joe Lohrmann - Spa Lovers Gift Guide - www.oojra.comHis lifestyle has provided a rich bank of experiences to spur his creative talents and passions. He literally plays his piano on wheels in all kinds of settings, from cities to beaches, and so nature directly creates art in the form of music. He does perform open air concerts, but you can only find out about those on the week, or even on the day of a performance as there’s never any strict planning with Joe’s work, he’s all about the natural flow of things.

The spa lover in your life will love Joe’s latest album – Follow The Sun – not only for its relaxing, beautiful, peaceful ten songs, but also for its colourful and inspirational backstory. The album was composed on Joe’s traveling piano on a remote island in the Andaman Sea in Thailand – how’s that for some peaceful imagery in the spa? At Oojra, we love it when there is some traveling, exotic inspiration that you can easily bring back to your home.

You can find this inspiring and unique gift on iTunes and Amazon. The CD is also available to buy in physical form on the My Traveling Piano online shop. You can also look out for My Traveling Piano updates of open air concerts and new music on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.


Socola Chocolates

Socola Chocolates - Spa Lovers Gift Guide - www.oojra.comChocolates are the best self care, aren’t they? One thing that reminds us of the best spa’s we have ever been to, is the indulgent treats that come with the fully rounded experience of relaxing the mind and the body, and what could be more indulgent than melt in the mouth luxury chocolate?

To know yourself as the being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise. - Eckhart Tolle quote - www.oojra.comWe’re certain your spa loving friend will delight in Socola chocolates to enjoy before, after or even during a deliciously long soak in the bath (chocolates soaking on the tongue whilst we soak in the bath, yes please!). The company’s name has chocolate at its heart, as the word Socola is Vietnamese for chocolate and they are true masters of their art, winning many awards and consistently raising production and creative standards since the two sisters, Wendy and Susan Lieu founded the company in early 2000.

The sisters use the finest ingredients to create artisan chocolates in the most delightfully unusual and often exotic flavours, such as sriracha, guava or peanut butter and jelly. For spa lovers, we recommend items from the tea collection, like the crunchy matcha green tea white chocolate bar, or the tea collection truffle box because tea goes hand in hand with a quintessential spa experience.

To treat your friend or family member to some sumptuous Socola chocolates, you can visit their online shop here.


Lavender Reed Diffuser – Oojra

Lavender Reed Diffuser - Oojra - Spa Lovers Gift Guide - www.oojra.comOften it is the scent from a spa experience that stays with us. Perhaps because through all the strain we hold in our muscles, and stressed thoughts we hold in our mind, scent wafts through us and relaxes us from the inside out. Aromatherapy really can be the key to relaxation.

Our Oojra Lavender Essential Oil Reed Diffuser is a wonderful spa gift. Our The time to relax is when you don't have time for it. - Sydney Harris quote - www.oojra.comcompany grew from the seed of scent inspired by travel, and our founder, CJ’s trip to a Thai spa where the sweet and soothing smell of Jasmine stayed with her. You can gift the spa inspired Jasmine Reed Diffuser as a great gift with a story.

The products we sell are ideal for use in a spa setting, because the essential oils are perfect for relaxation, particularly lavender. The clean, and aromatic scent of lavender is simple and uncomplicated, ideal for a space or situation where we’re trying to clear our head. The scent also has many incredible properties ideal for the spa; it is calming, soothing, helps with sleep and is known to relax the mind. A no fuss product, Oojra’s Lavender Reed Diffuser is the perfect spa gift for a friend or family member you know deserves some high quality R&R. These fragrances and even more options are available in our shop.

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer. - William Burroughs quote - www.oojra.comTouch

A Massage

Sometimes, a gift is not necessarily always a thing that we can touch. Sometimes a gift can be something we feel emotionally, physically, or perhaps both, and these can be the most powerful gifts of all. What if your gift to your friend or family member cost nothing but time? We spend sometimes hundreds on massages at spa’s, and unless you are a professional masseuse you probably can’t recreate that.

However, a more intimate relationship certainly calls for a luxurious, and sensuous massage at home. Perhaps after you’ve ran them a hot and steamy bubble bath you can gift your stressed lover with dedicated massage time. Press, knead and stroke their skin, letting them sink into blissful peacefulness.

For less intimate relationships, you could offer a hand massage to a friend, or even a shoulder massage if the situation calls for it. Just make sure you’re good at it, otherwise it will not be a gift someone wants to receive!


Bath Bombs

One of the most enjoyable things you can see in a spa is your own eyelids, In the midst of movement and chaos, keep the stillness inside of you. - Deepak Chopra quote - www.oojra.combecause it means you’ve drifted over to a lovely state of relaxation. Before that happens though, there are plenty of great things to see in your at-home spa, one of our favourites being a bath bomb. They are an event, an exciting visual display of colour and movement, leading to an inviting bath that feels incredible, and looks beautiful.

There are plenty of high street stores selling bath bombs, but if you wanted to gift something even more personal than that, you could easily make some yourself to give to spa loving friends. We love ClaCali’s Youtube video tutorials showing you how to make your own bath bombs in the style of one of the most popular high street toiletry makers. For gift wrapping your creations, we love the idea of filling a jar with them, or this quick and easy individual wrapping idea from Karen Arellano is great.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for gifts in our spa gift guide. Relaxation is so important, and no matter how you gift relaxation to that special person in your life, they’re sure to treasure the meaningful sentiment.





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