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Australian Eucalyptus
Essential Oil Reed Diffuser (5 oz)

Australia’s blue forests are named for the haze produced by the tree’s essential oil. When you walk through the groves, the blue mist that mutes the surrounding scenery can almost be intoxicating. 

Eucalyptus is a refreshing minty scent with notes of honey and a sharp finish. Aromatherapists use eucalyptus for its relaxing, calming, clearing and refreshing effect. 

Try one now and bring the crisp fragrance of Australia’s blue forests into your home. 

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Oojra's Australian Eucalyptus Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

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Here is Why People Are Loving It


By Shinona E. on August 26, 2015

The seller lists it exactly as it comes and
packages it very well. I would highly
recommend anyone to purchase this and other
items from the seller! I will be buying more
of this! Can’t say thanks enough! One thing,
I meditate with this and it puts me into the
most tranquil mood! That is why this scent
is very important for me.

Intoxicating Quality

By Windhorse1 on December 6, 2015

This is a pleasing, exotic scent that is far
superior to many oils available commercially in
stores. The quality is obvious, and the
fragrance is “soft” and well-balanced like a
fine perfume, not harsh like
cheaper oils can smell.

Elegant look, amazing scent!

By JNG on July 30, 2015

I’d been looking for a high quality reed diffuser
as an alternative to plug-ins, sprays, and
electronic essential oil aromatherapy diffusers.
Iwas so excited to receive this elegant option at
a discount to review it. My home smells lovely.
I only used three reeds for our small-ish living
room and the scent is perfect.
Subtle but present…


Oojra Curates Exotic Home Fragrances for
Connoisseurs of Life, Travel and Adventure

Oojra takes you on a journey across the world by engaging your senses through story and fragrance. Each of our home fragrances are inspired by travel stories from our own adventures, or are generously gifted to us by fans and followers. We use quality ingredients and essential oils to create a luxurious and authentic experience. We hope to enrich your ambiance, satisfy a little wanderlust and add a little inspiration to your day.


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