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About Us

Oojra’s Story and Characters

Our Story

More and more people love travel and the richness it brings to their lives. They want to invest in how they experience life, whether it’s going out to see a great band, travelling around the world or creating a space in their home or office that inspires their creativity, well-being and connection. Improving how we experience the world transforms us into happier and more fulfilled people. Oojra is here to bring the richness of these amazing experience into our everyday life.

Our sense of smell has a powerful ability to shift out moods and help us recall memories (grandma’s cookies anyone?). Oojra’s founder, CJ, experienced this when she opened her first jasmine bamboo reed diffuser. She closed her eyes and was transported back to a spa in Thailand that was filled with jasmine flowers. She placed it at her desk and every time she sat down to work her stress would float away and she would feel inspired to create. We want to help people create spaces that elevate their mood, make them happier, more connected, creative, productive, and provide authentic expressions of themselves with our line of destination inspired aromatherapy.

It is our mission to craft an excellent experience for our clients with our growing collections. We are committed to excellence at all levels, which means creating products that are healthy, stylish, and environmentally friendly. Our aromatherapy products are made from the healthiest ingredients possible and are paraffin free, paraben free, phthalate free, lead free, petroleum free, and do not have many of the common chemicals found in other scent brands that are detrimental to your health. This is also why our packaging is recyclable and can be repurposed, making it more environmentally friendly. We believe our clients deserve amazing fragrances, in stylish designs, that they can feel good about having around their friends and families. True luxury encompasses all these qualities.

The characters

CJ Lemky

Founder and CEO

CJ brings her love of travel, her fascination with design, and her commitment to natural health to Oojra. CJ has the travel bug, having traveled to over 30 countries and lived abroad countless times. She understands travel adds richness to life and many people find travel to be one of the most defining and growth-oriented experiences in their lives. CJ is committed to natural health and wellness. After her mom’s successful battle with cancer and her Grandmother’s health issues, she learned that the products we are bringing into our homes are often filled with toxic chemicals that can have very negative consequences on our health. Unfortunately, many of the healthy products she found, lacked sophistication in their design, making them unappealing to many people. CJ knew there didn’t need to be a trade off between design and health. It inspired her to create Oojra, a line of healthy, destination inspired home fragrances.

Carmela Magbanua

Customer Service

Carmela loves to travel and give back to the community. Her goal is to see all 82 Philippine provinces before she is 35. At least two times a year her and a group of friends travel to some of the most remote and under-privileged villages in the Philippines to deliver school supplies to children in need (check out our blog posts about this). As a former Montessori school teacher, she loves being able to make an impact in the lives of children. Her thoughtful nature is evident in how she takes care of Oojra’s clients, making sure that they have a great Oojra experience and answers any questions they may have. She also collaborates on the blog, manages the social media and affiliate programs, and countless other critical activities that keep the Oojra train moving forward on schedule and improve our customers experience.

What does Oojra mean?

The name Oojra is a creative combination of the Hindi word for energy, ‘urja,’ and the feel good sound people make when they smell, taste or touch something exquisite and exciting… “oooou.” It reflects the exotic destinations that inspire the fragrances and the goal of transforming our sensory experience and creating “good vibes” or energy within our space.

The Inspiration Behind the Logo

The lotus flower is symbolic of the exotic, and is a divinely associated flower that enriches our senses with its beauty. The infinity symbol is about an everlasting flow. Oojra creates exotic, sensory based products that are meant to last and last while enriching our lives.

How is Oojra pronounced?

The phonetic spelling for Oojra is:  uuʤ ræ

Our Values

Our Goal

We want to empower our clients to curate a physical space that fuels the life of their dreams.

With healthy and sophisticated aromatherapy we want to boost their mood, and create an amazing ambiance for relaxation, romance, focus, balance, and creativity. If we create our spaces and then our spaces create us, we want each of our clients to be able to create a space that brings out their best and helps them feel connected to their family and friends.

We want to fuel our clients’ creativity, inspiration, and self care with exotic, luscious, and healthy Oojra fragrances.

Quality Product

A key part of creating an amazing experience for our customers is choosing high quality products from the inside out.

Our fragrances use essential oils to create the most authentic scents. Our products are Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, Paraffin Free, Cruelty Free, and Vegan.

We chose modern sleek packaging that makes opening or gifting an Oojra product a delight. Our gift boxes feel sturdy in your hands and soft to your fingertips. It’s easy to add a bow and gift.

We want to make it easy for our customers to be remembered for the gifts they give, and to feel confident that they are creating a healthy beautiful space for everyone that comes to their home or office.

Customer Focused

Each moment that we can touch the lives of our customers we want to add value.

We serve our customers with the goal of exceeding their expectations and having them become our greatest ambassadors. We strive to have exceptional customer service, the highest quality product, and an easy and enjoyable buying experience. We are continually growing and improving from our clients’ insights. We are so grateful to have such an amazing group of customers to serve.

A Letter from the Founder

Dear Customer,

Thank you for visiting Oojra. I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your time on our website and your Oojra purchases.

It is my belief that the spaces we live in shape how we show up in the world. Great spaces can bring out the best in us, just as poorly designed, lit, or smelling spaces can make us less creative, less focused, and less productive. When people are in beautiful spaces, that feel good through all of the senses, I believe it enables them to be the best versions of themselves. It inspires their creativity, focuses their productivity, and engages their connection with the people around them, ultimately making the world a better place.

We may not be a panacea for world peace, but we are a detail that makes your environment a little more peaceful. We are a layer of beauty in your space, utilizing the sense of smell, the sense most tied to emotion and memory. In addition to connecting you with a more beautiful immediate environment, Oojra products also connect you with the world through their global inspiration.

Welcome to the Oojra community! Feel free to follow our story on our blog, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

CJ Lemky
Founder and CEO of Oojra

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