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Tell Your Followers About Products They Will Love, and Boost Your Business

 Come Partner with Oojra in our Affiliate Program

Why You Want to Apply for Oojra’s Affiliate Program

Together we can help more people curate a lifestyle they love, including you! Inspire your followers to create a space they thrive in and boost the business behind your blog and social following with our affiliate program.

Raving Customers

With Oojra, you don’t have to wonder if your followers will love our products. With raving reviews of our products, you’ll be proud to present the essence of quality and purity to your audience. Just see what our customers say:

I am extremely pleased with this product. The fragrance permeates throughout my home and guests always ask me to tell them why it always smells so good. I am more than happy to tell/show them. Great product!” – Kathy Munson

This product arrived within days of ordering it. I have ordered this a couple of times before for myself. I use this diffuser in my office, and have received many positive comments about it. This time, the diffuser set will be given as a gift. The packaging is elegant and classic. The scent is light, fresh and subtle. I plan to order again for myself and for gifts.” – Heidi Collison

Brand Alignment

We know you’ve poured your sweat, blood, and tears in curating valuable content to your growing audience of loyal followers. We pride ourselves in creating premium quality products that reflect elegance and excellence. From beautifully designed packaging to the luscious luxurious scents, Oojra elevates the everyday experience with richness and vibrancy. In the same way your personal brand elevates and inspires.

Exceptional Customer Service

Oojra is about crafting an experience. From the moment our customers order their product to delivery and beyond, we’ve infused personal touches along the way. So you can be confident that your followers will be taken care of. Just see what our customers have said:

“I received prompt and courteous feedback from Oojra. They truly went above and beyond!” – Nancy Staats

The bottle and reeds were easy to set up and the scent is lovely. Oojra offered good suggestions to make this a very positive and simple product to use.” – Tracy Meury

Crafted-for-You Promotional Content

To help you succeed as our affiliate partner, we’ve curated promotional content for you to share with your audience. Just plug and play with ready-to-post content ideas that speak to your audience in an authentic way. Share and promote beautiful products with just a simple click. Oojra products are inspired by evocative travel stories that make creating content for your following fun.

“I am a repeat customer and I love their fragrances. I am from Hawaii and this scent brings back the islands. I also love most scents that have ginger in it. I will definitely try their other fragrances.” – Virginia Page

Competitive Commission Structure

In this creative partnership, you can count on a generous commission structure when you promote Oojra products. For each product sold, you get 15% of total amount spent. You won’t ever have to worry about post-purchase customer support, as we take really good care of our customers and of your followers.

Easy to Use Coupon System

Marketing Oojra products is as easy as counting 1-2-3. Upon approval of your affiliate sign-up form, you will receive a personalized coupon code that entitles the user to 5% off in every purchase. We can track in our store how many times a coupon is used to buy products. PayPal is used for the affiliates’ payout, which makes it seamless and speedy.

  • Sell premium quality products from a supportive company

  • Earn 15% commissions on every sale you drive

  • Help your followers curate a lifestyle they will love

  • Easy to discuss in blogs, YouTube channels and social accounts that focus on lifestyle, beauty, home decor and design, travel, yoga, mom and much more

  • Get personalized discount code that matches well with your own brand.

  • Product images and content ideas make it easy to promote to your following.

Our Products

High Quality Products from the Inside Out

Our fragrances use essential oils to create the most authentic scents. Our candles are made with soy wax to protect the environment and our customers’ health. Our products are phthalate and paraben free. We chose modern sleek packaging that makes opening or gifting an Oojra product a delight.

We want to make it easy for our customers to be remembered for the gifts they give and feel confident that they are creating a healthy beautiful space for everyone that comes to their home or office.

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