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About Us

Oojra’s Story and Characters

Our Story

More and more people love travel and the richness it brings to our lives. They want to invest in how they experience life, whether it’s going out to see a great band, travelling around the world or creating a space in your home or office that inspires their creativity, well-being and connection. Improving how we experience the world transforms us into happier and more fulfilled people, and the research support this. Oojra is here to bring the richness of these amazing travel experience into everyday life.

I started Oojra by launching our line of essential oil reed diffusers. I was inspired by my travels to Thailand, where I visited a luxurious spa where I was greeted with jasmine flowers and fell in love with the scent. A few years later when I moved to a new country for school I found a jasmine home fragrance that I loved. Every time I walked in my tiny apartment the stress floated away and the relaxing vibes of that beautiful spa swept over me again. I soon learned that our sense of smell has a powerful ability to shift out moods and help us recall memories (grandma’s cookies anyone?). I wanted to help other people create spaces in their lives that would elevate their mood, make them happier, more connected, more creative, productive and authentic versions of themselves. Oojra’s line of travel inspired reed diffusers was born.

By paying attention to our senses we can create amazing life experience, whether it is a beautiful mood elevating scent or personalized designer art on our walls that captures our adventures, our senses are important in curating our life experience. Oojra has now expanded into travel inspired candles, home décor and travel product with designs that improve our travel and home experience. It is our mission to craft an excellent experience for our clients with our growing collection of premium travel inspired products.

The characters

CJ Lemky

Founder and CEO

CJ has had the travel bug for as long as she can remember. Even when she was just a little kid visiting Disney World, her favorite place was the Epcot center where she got to visit all the different countries in one day. At the University of Calgary she completed her BA in International Relations and studied abroad in India, Ghana, and Mexico and later worked in humanitarian development in Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. She went on to complete her MBA at Yale University with an international focus that took her to South Africa and Israel. She has travelled to over 30 countries and lived abroad countless times. It was from these experiences that she began to understand the richness that travel adds to life.

Experiencing other cultures brings compassion and understanding that make the world a kinder place. By striking up conversations with other travellers she learned that people find travel to be one of the most defining and growth oriented experience people have. They reflect on it for years to come. It makes people feel part of a larger global community. She wanted to inspire more people to travel, to connect with the beautiful people all over the world and bring those experiences into their everyday lives. Oojra was created to improve how people experience their spaces and to inspire and recall life changing travel experiences.


Customer Service

Carmela loves to travel and her goal is to see all 82 Philippine provinces before she is 35. She lovingly cares for Oojra’s clients, making sure they have a great experience. She also collaborates on the Oojra Blog, Social Media, Ambassador and Affiliate programs and countless other critical tasks that keep the Oojra train moving forward on schedule.



Anneka is a talented writer that keeps things real and fun when she composes our helpful informational articles and blog posts. Located in the UK, she gives the team a good laugh with some of her British-isms. Her keen eye for what is not only useful to our readers but also entertaining makes our blog one that you will want to follow closely.



Shereen explores the world by sail boat. She has a degree in constructing human centric spaces with beautiful ambiance and environmental sustainability. She is an expert in spa design and aromatherapy. She crafts many of Oojra’s guides on creating the perfect space. She keeps the team on our toes because we never really know which port or time zone she will be in next time we talk to her.

A picture of Katie - our Pinterest guru



A fellow globe trotter, Katie crafts beautiful and useful content for our follower on Pinterest and manages to keep us pinning and pin-able. She is a creative spirit that loves to think about all the great ways we can help our customers with valuable and useful content. And she absolutely loves having Oojra in her house to help her concentrate and create will she works away on beautiful graphics and interesting articles.

And YOU! Our valued customers and community members

Our customers are not just our customers; they are our inspiration. The first fragrance was inspired by CJ’s travel story but many of our other fragrances are inspired by our customers’ travel stories. In fact, you can tell us your story and it might just inspire the next fragrance! To read some of our customers’ travel stories check out our Inspiration page

What does Oojra mean?

When I was creating Oojra, I wanted a name that reflected the exotic inspirations and the goal of transforming our sensory experience and creating that all important “good vibe” or energy.

My time in India led me to look in the Hindi language where I came across the Hindi word for energy, urja. I wanted to incorporate the luscious feeling that I intended to curate into the name. I thought about what people say when they see something that feels or smells good; “oooou that’s good” is what came to mind.

So, with a little creativity I combined the exotic vibes of urja and “ooou” into Oojra, luscious exotic energy to transform how you experience the world.

The Inspiration Behind the Logo

The lotus flower is symbolic of the exotic, and is a divinely associated flower that enriches our senses with its beauty. The infinity symbol is about an everlasting flow. Oojra creates exotic, sense based products that are meant to last and last while enriching our lives.

Our Values

Our Goal

Oojra was born to enable you to create a little piece of paradise in your space.

We want to boost the mood and everyday energy around you. Our home fragrances add a final layer of décor to create and amazing ambiance for relaxation, romance, focus and balance. Our décor adds a flare of exotic beauty and travel inspiration to the vision of your room. Our many other products bring that exotic travel inspiration to feel, see, hear and taste in your every day and travel life.

We hope to inspire and satisfy a little wanderlust in our customer’s lives by connecting our products and our clients’ spaces to the world’s most luscious exotic and delicious experiences.

A Participatory Company

Oojra values co-creation with its customers.

It is our customer’s stories of travel that are key to our fragrances choices and product design. We look to our customers to guide which products we launch. Ultimately, we serve our customers with the goal of exceeding their expectations and to have them become our greatest ambassadors.

We serve them so that they can serve the world with their unique gifts and have and an amazing space to do this within

Creating Amazing Experiences

Each moment that we can touch the lives of our customers we want to add value.

This starts with the moment they land on our website and continues through their experience the quality of their Oojra product.

We want to make our customers feel good every step of the way with Oojra.

Quality Product

A key part of creating an amazing experience for our customers is choosing high quality products from the inside out.

Our fragrances use essential oils to create the most authentic scents. Our products are Phthalate Free and Paraben Free.

We chose modern sleek packaging that makes opening or gifting an Oojra product a delight.

We want to make it easy for our customers to be remembered for the gifts they give and feel confident that they are creating a healthy beautiful space for everyone that comes to their home or office.

A Letter from the Founder

Dear Customer,

Thank you for visiting Oojra. I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your time on our website and your Oojra purchases.

It is my belief that the spaces we live in shape how we as individuals show up in the world. Great spaces can bring out the best in us just as poorly designed, lit or smelling spaces can make us less creative, less focused and less productive. When people are in beautiful spaces that feel good through all of the senses I believe it enables them to be the best versions of themselves. It inspires their creativity, focuses their productivity, an engages their connection with the people around them, ultimately making the world a better place.

We may not be a panacea for world peace, but we are a detail that makes your environment a little more peaceful. We are a layer of beauty in your space that utilizes the sense of smell, the sense most tied to emotion and memory. In addition to connecting you with a more beautiful immediate environment, Oojra products also connect you with the world through their global inspiration.

Welcome to the Oojra community! Feel free to follow our story on our blog, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

CJ Lemky
Founder and CEO of Oojra

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