Candles Versus Reed Diffusers: Which Is Right For You?

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Are you a diehard candle person? Or do you love the look of reed diffusers? Have you ever stopped to think about whether you’ve made the right choice? Take a look at this handy chart to see if you are using the best one for your lifestyle: Were you surprised by your results? As [...]

Reed Diffusers: How To Choose The Right One

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Looking for an essential oil reed diffuser? We love them too! They make your home smell amazing, they're safe, and they can provide essential oil health benefits. But you want to make sure to choose the right one! Check out the chart below to find some great tips on getting the healthiest and most effective essential oil [...]

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Your Epic Guide To Romance Across The World

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Wherever you are from, you're likely to be aware of a romantic tradition or two. Marriage, or Valentine's Day are common romantic traditions most people have heard about, and the history for just these two alone are extremely interesting. Did you know Valentine's Day stems from an ancient Roman fertility celebration? Or that the [...]

How To Get The Date Night At Home You Both Deserve

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Being together long-term is wonderful, and the all important weekly or monthly date night really makes a difference in terms of showing each other you care, and enjoying stress free special time together with no distractions. You can go out for dinner, go for a walk, go and do an activity like bowling or [...]

5 Steps to Creating a Meditation Space that Nurtures the Senses

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Are you inspired to make meditation a part of your life? While all you need is your breath, make your practice special by setting up a sacred space. The key to a special meditation sanctuary is to incorporate all five senses into the design. Here's how: Scent Set the Ambiance with Scent In the same way [...]

The Oojra ‘Relax & Rejuvenate’ Gift Guide For: Spa Lovers

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The spa is a sanctuary, isn't it? So much so we can spend hundreds to spend time at them; soaking, exfoliating, rejuvenating and relaxing. With this in mind, it really is no surprise many people put a lot of effort into recreating the essential spa experience at home. From expensive Jacuzzi baths to walk [...]

The Oojra ‘Good Karma’ Gift Guide For: The Yogi In Your Life

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Whether it's Kundalini, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, or any of the other many types of yoga, the popular practise is exploding with popularity right now across the world. Approximately 36.7 million people yoga in the US alone (Source). That's millions of people happily down dogging and cat cowing their way to a toned body and [...]

5 Steps to Turn Your Home Office Into a Haven for Productivity

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You want your home office to be your sanctuary. It’s not just a place to work, but a retreat from the world around you. Here are 5 steps to turning your home office into a haven: Focus on mood lighting - Proper lighting is key to creating a positive ambiance in any room, especially [...]

5 Steps to a High-Class Guest Bathroom

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Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant, hotel, or bar and ended up remembering the luxurious bathroom more than the venue itself? Giving your guests a deluxe experience during their few moments of quiet at your annual holiday party or while they are visiting you for the weekend will be something they will [...]

Ultimate Checklist & Hacks For The Best Holiday Party In Town

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Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock, doo dee dum dum dah don't know the words… What we do know is that the holidays are officially here. Perhaps you're planning the office holiday party, or you're hosting a holiday get together at home for family and friends. Either way, you may well be a [...]