Ireland’s Mossy Coastal Infusions

Contributed by Amy Kauffman

As I stepped out the door it is another fresh crisp morning in Ireland. The mist from the sea breeze hits my face and the air is thick. It fills my lungs to an intense level of fullness. It’s an unusual sensation I have never felt before; this thick heavy wet air is extraordinarily clean, raw and just feels healthy. It has a mix of minerality to its taste and green mossy coastal infusions. I can smell the grass and greenery of the fields mixed with the salt of the sea. It is the type of air that makes you feel cozy and safe wrapped up in your thick wool sweater.

The crisp cool air is perfectly juxtapositioned next to the warm natured people of Ireland. Their warm jovial belly laughs and communal events make me feel authentically connected with them. Their wholesome sturdy nature fits perfectly with the healthy heavy air I smell here every morning. Before Ireland I never knew that the scent and experience of air could evoke such strong feelings. But Ireland is special in this way because the very nature of the people and air that constantly surround you are enveloping you in a gentle hug the entire time you visit this beautiful island.

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