Relaxation and Romance at a Thai Spa

It had been a whirlwind six weeks in Thailand full of adventure. There were plenty of new sounds and sights as we travelled across several Thai islands and through a few beach towns. Each place held its own unique beauty. But I was ready for a little rest and relaxation after all the exploring.  As we pulled up into the spa it was an instantly calming first impression. A small water feature with a pond full of lilies was in the center of the drive. Leafy green plants bordered the driveway. The pergola and reception area were built out of a grey stone. It felt cool and calm in the hot Thai sun. As we stepped out of the car we were greeted with the phenomenal hospitality that Thailand is known for. Beautiful traditionally dressed Thai ladies placed their hands in prayer position as they greeted us and then gave us each a garland of Jasmine flowers.

The flowers were so refreshing. They had a sweetness that was still earthy. It was almost fruity but still floral. They made me feel regal, special and beautiful as I placed them around my neck. It was as if I had stepped out of the chaos and into a secure cocoon of relaxation as the attendants at the spa swooped in to take care of us. They took our bags, served us a refreshing fruity beverage full of some delicious fruit I had never experienced before, nor could I name, and then showed us to our rooms. It was a juxtaposition from the bustle of the hikes, parties and adventure that the preceding weeks were full of, but still a very Thai experience.

As we walked through the grounds of the spa there was a quiet trickle of small waterfalls all along the walkway. The entire space smelled refreshing after weeks on the Thai streets. Leafy green plants and bamboo grew up around the water falls. Bamboo strategically placed to create beautifully dancing patterns of sunlight on the walls behind it and elements of privacy and division within the space.

The next few days were filled with the best Thai massages of my life, scrumptious and healthy meals and the ultimate garden walks through the mini bamboo forest. Bouquets of jasmine greeted me at every console. It was sublimely peaceful, relaxing, and romantic. I only later learned that jasmine has powerful aphrodisiac qualities and bamboo is often used for aromatherapy relaxation. Now when I smell the fragrance of jasmine and bamboo I am instantly relaxed and taken back to the beauty and romance of this magical Thai spa.

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